1st Wednesday Book Club – a review

The book the group read for the month of April 2011 was Still Alice  the debut novel of Lisa Genova, here are the thoughts of the group:

  • The book leaves you sad but is enjoyable and if you know someone with dementia then you can relate to it even more;
  • Very moving and teaches you things, eg. Alice became invisible. Her family talked about her in her presence;
  • A realistic ending although we may have wished for a different one;
  • It was gripping and one should not be put off by the subject matter;
  • Well written and easy to read;
  • Absorbing and brilliantly researched, was great that we got inside Alice’s head;
  • This should be on high school children’s reading lists. We all need to know about this disease; and
  • Confronting and upsetting but everyone should read it. We all will know someone with the disease.