1st Wednesday Book Group – Band-aid for a broken leg

At Mays meeting the 1st Wednesday group discussed:

Band-aid for a broken leg: being a doctor without borders by Damien Brown.

Damien Brown is a twenty-nine-year-old Australian doctor, inexperienced but motivated by a strong desire to help, when he arrives in Angola – an impoverished, war-torn country in south west Africa – for a six-month posting with Medecins Sans Frontieres. It’s his first stint with the organisation, and he thinks he is ready.

Groups comments:

  • Terrifying knew nothing about Angola
  • The religious conflicts were disturbing
  • Reminds us of the unfairness of war
  • Stark contrast between situation and western life
  • Probably nothing can prepare someone for the conflicts of war
  • A bit repetitive at times
  • Didn’t tell us much about Thailand
  • Author mindful of his own differences and limitations
  • Lack of resources
  • Differences between the locations and challenges quite frightening
  • Really stirred the group