Author of the Month – Ashley Ekins

Are you interested in  military history and the contribution our troops made in the final year of that great slaughter entitled the First World War?  If so, please come to our next Lunchtime Author’s Talk and meet Ashley Ekins, head of the Military History Section  at the Australian War Memorial.

  Ashley Ekins will provide a very interesting talk on the book "1918 year of victory: the end of the Great War and the shaping of history."  This book is a superb collection of works written by respected military historians from Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada.  It gives a unique overview of the last year of the Great War and challenges almost every aspect of its legacy drawing new ideas and new conclusions.  This is a timely talk considering that ANZAC Day is fast approaching. Students studying the Great War for the HSC will find this talk a valuable aid.

Ashley Ekins will be at Parramatta City Library on the 14th April 2010 from 1 – 2 p.m. Admittance is free and light refreshments will be provided after the talk.  Bookings are required for catering purposes. We look forward to seeing you there.