Book club discussion notes: A confederacy of dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Recently the Wednesday book club met and discussed “A confederacy of dunces”. It seems the group had divided opinions on this book

Val – “overblown pap” Heavy going. Did not enjoy.

 Susie – Loved it. Did not finish but wishes to. Character “obnoxious but delicious”

 Adrienne – Ignatius “pompous” Personality disorder, autistic? Visually evocative, challenging.

 Sonja – Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great writing, psych condition? Self deluded. Great characters including Miss Trixie. Recommended as a good read.

 John –  Writhing good. Characters abominable. Too long. Scenarios “unbelievable” . Good novella

 Chris – Loved the book. Divides people. Satire. Not of his time (Ignatius) Miss Trixie was a project. Think Ignatius was moral.

 Discussion related to publishers of book and type of publication

 Margaret – Loathed the book. Could not be bothered, too long-winded.

 Di – Themes racist etc.