Book review – Ape house by Sara Gruen

Title: Ape house

Author: Sara Gruen

Jenny’s pick

I picked up this book after reading Water for elephants by Sara Gruen, although this book didn’t quiet measure up to Water for elephants, I really enjoyed it, and recommend it, especially if you love animals. We meet Bonzi, Sam, Mbongo, Makena, Lola and Jelani, these bonobos apes are not only intelligent but they can communicate with humans using sign Language.

Isabel is a scientist at the Great Ape Language Lab, she loves her apes and they are like her family. When we are first introduced to the intelligent and mischievous great apes they are watching movies, using computers and requesting their favourite food using sign language. A reporter John Thigpen braves the ever present animal right protesters to interview Isabel and watch her play with the apes, soon after his encounter with the apes a horrific explosion rips through the lab and Isabel is seriously injured. But worst than that her precious apes are gone – and you won’t believe where they finally turn up.