Book review: Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult- Sarah P’s pick

Jodi Picoult’s latest book again looks at contemporary issues. This time a man is on life support following a bad car accident and his family has to decide what to do. Should he be kept alive on the slim chance of recovery? Or should life support be switched off and his organs donated to others?

The man is Luke Warren and his passion has been studying wolves. He even walked into the Canadian wilderness and infiltrated his way into a wild wolf pack, living among them as an accepted member of the pack.

 The story switches between Luke’s remarkable experiences (based on a true story) and his family.

 Luke’s love for wolves has come at a high price. His wife left the marriage. Luke lives with his daughter Cara who was also injured in the same accident. Cara is under 18 and not legally able to make a decision about her father’s care. His oldest child, Edward, left home at eighteen and has had no contact with him since. He flies home on hearing of the accident, and gradually we learn why he left home.

 Luke and Cara want different things for their father. Both think they know what he would want- does he value life as evidenced by his actions in saving wolves, or would he accept that each member of a pack depends on others and sometimes must make the ultimate sacrifice?

 The book is easy to read and there are a few twists in the story to keep your interest. It looks at family dynamics, ethical issues and we can learn about wolves.