Book Review: Our Souls at Night by Kent Harurf

Our Souls at Night By Kent Haruf

Addie Moore’s husband died years ago, so did Louis Waters’ wife, and, as neighbours in Holt, Colorado they have naturally long been aware of each other. With their children now far away both live alone in houses empty of family. The nights are terribly lonely, especially with no one to talk to. Then one evening Addie pays Louis an unexpected visit. Their brave adventures-their pleasures and their difficulties-form the beating heart of Our Souls at Night. Kent Haruf’s final novel is an exquisite and moving story about love and growing old with grace. It is a lasting tribute to the extraordinary author who wrote it. 


This was a sweet and charming love story between Addie Moore and Louis Walters. An elderly couple in their 70s, both widowed.  A different and interesting perspective for the romance / fiction genre.  We found this book very easy to read.  Some of us even finished the book in one sitting!  Delightfully written, despite its lack of quotations marks around dialogue.  We found this a little simplistic for our likes.  We would have liked a little more drama, maybe.  On saying that, we all loved the storylines involving Addie, Louis and Addie’s grandson, Jamie. 


6/10 – Cultcha Club Book Club