Book Review – The Umbrian Supper Club

The Umbrian Supper Club by Marlena De Blasi


Evocative and intimate, The Umbrian Supper Club recounts the life stories of a small group of Umbrian women who gather each week in an old stone house in the hills above Orvieto to cook, to eat and to drink. And, equally as important, to talk.

During their meals together, they recount the memories and experiences of their gastronomic lives as well as those of their more personal histories. For a period of four years, it was Marlena de Blasi’s task, her pleasure, to cook for the Supper Club. What she learnt, what they cooked and ate and drank and how they talked form the fundamental truths of this book.


While giving an insight into many aspects of Italian culture and traditions, we found it difficult to engage with the characters in this novel and did not enjoy reading it.

It did, however, provoke many interesting side conversations about religion, food, feminism, travel and cultures. It also inspired the planting of a herb garden.


MJ Readers 5/10