Books into movies 2009

People like reading and people like watching movies as well, especially those movies that are adopted from books.

This year these movies has got our attention, so all those books get popular as well.

Movie and book titles                                    Author

Angels and demons                                        Dan Brown

Confessions of a shopaholic                           Sophie Kinsella

Harry Potter and the half-blood prince              J. K. Rowling

Hotel for dogs                                               Lois Duncan

The informant                                               Kurt Eichenwald

The informers                                               Bret Easton Ellis

Inkheart                                                       Cornelia Funke

Killshot                                                         Elmore Leonard

My sister’s keeper                                          Jodi Piccoult

Escape to witch mountain                                 Alexander key

The taking of Pelham 1 2 3                             John Godey

The time traveler’s wife                                   Audrey Niffenegger

Watchmen                                                    Dave Gibbons