Books read by Saturday Book Club

Another last Saturday book club meeting. The reading theme in May was grrlpower : a celebration of women. Three book club members have enjoyed those titles and would like to share their readings. The club left me very brief notes which I record as following.

Zoe: enjoyed ‘Message from an unknown Chinese mother’ by Xin Ran – It’s a book about one child policy in China. It set in a time where a baby was desired because of property, wealth and power. The author was a reporter who wrote the book from both the mothers to adopted girls.

Alice: ‘Maternity – real stories’ by mothers by Francesa Newby. The author writes different stories about maternity and other’s perception. Some stories are about loss of mothers’ identity and how to nourish mother themselves.

Helen: ‘The Gallipoli letter’ by Keith Murdoch. The author wrote 8,000 word letter to PM Fisher during WWI. The letter expressed experiences of ANZAC troops and their comradeship. This letter changed the course of this campaign.