DUNDAS 华人阅读小组五月份讨论笔记 – 逃避

五月份, Dundas华人小组针对’逃避’这个主题,回顾了自己的阅读,展开了讨论.
还有一位读了’快乐晚年:老人的社会关心’, 觉得很有感悟.说是要过好每一天,帮助别人不图回报.
还有喜欢唐朝诗人柳宗元的诗:千山鸟飞绝 万径人踪灭。孤舟蓑笠翁 独钓寒江雪。认为读诗如钓鱼,都是一种逃避的方式.
读书,可以让人暂时逃离现实, 享受在愉悦之中.

Dundas Chinese Reading Club has discussed their reading in May according to NYR theme ‘Escape’.

One member read an article ‘Seven heart medicine for life’ and enlightened by it: Kind heart, tolerant spirit, open mind, tranquil heart, peace of mind, acceptance, and sincerity.

The others in the group also have read some books or articles on ‘soul’ to reflect how to escape from daily routine. One said, ‘one has to learn to escape, to learn tolerance, to reduce stress. One can’t always win. Forget the glory one might have had in the past and live today. This is escape and also progress.’

One read ‘happy old age: social care of elders’, felt that one should live happy everyday and help others without expecting reward.

One member said that the big study room at home is her escape place. With a lot books, she could escape to the other people’s life, for example, one day she read a biography of Zeng Guofan. She particularly commented on control of desire, control of excessive labour and temptation for food. She thought Zeng’s life promoted some life styles that are inspiring.

One read a poem by a famous poet Liu Zongyuan from Tang dynasty : Mountains up on mountains with no birds, tracks after tracks with no human. A piece of boat and a hat man, fishing alone on the snowy river. The member said, ‘ Same as fishing, reading is for escape.’

Reading, actually can make one’s mind escape from the moment and enjoy the happiness.