Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

When I heard that Robert Jordan had died without finishing his epic Wheel of Time Saga, I was devastated.

  I had spent hundreds of happy hours over many years immersed in the fantasy world that Jordan had created – following the adventures of an ever increasing cast of characters as they prepared for the final battle.  Eleven thick books had been read and now I was deprived of my ending. I’ll admit that I was frustrated when his last three books failed to move the story along as far as I had hoped.  He was trying to tell what each main character was doing and so the broad story tended to get lost.  However, I kept reading because I loved the characters and their adventures.  Now I would never know what happened.  Imagine my joy, therefore, when Jordan’s family and publishers took pity on his unhappy fans.  They commissioned Brandon Sanderson, a self confessed Wheel of Time addict, to finish the saga. 

 The Gathering Storm is the first of the three books which will bring this epic saga to a close.  Using notes, a partially written manuscript and lots of imagination Brandon Sanderson has created a book which is almost indistinguishable from Jordan’s own writing.  The characters, the action, the suspense are all there – and the style is as easy to read.  I could almost imagine Robert Jordan dictating to his new apprentice.  Those who love the Wheel of Time won’t be disappointed.  Those who became frustrated and decided to leave the series, may wish to return.  Like Tarmon Gai’don the end of this great series is approaching.