Helen Garner: Celebrate Lifelong Achievement

Australia Council Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature has ‘acknowledges the achievements of eminent literary writers over the age of 60 who have made an outstanding and lifelong contribution to Australian literature’ and it awarded Helen Garner for her dedication to literature this year.

Helen Garner has written more than 14 books including fiction, non fiction and screen plays. She also won National Book Council award for her ‘Monkey grip’, NSW/VIC/SA Premier’s Literary Awards, Walkley Award, and others.

‘Garner has covered a broad range of themes in her work, ranging from feminism, love, loss, grief, ageing, illness, death, murder, betrayal, addiction and the duality of the human psyche, particularly in manifestations of “good” and “evil”.’ (Wikipedia)

This award further recognises Garner’s achievement and her outstanding contribution, as an original voice, on the Australia literary world,.

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