Last Thursday Book Group – The Goldenland

aaaTitle:The Golden Land

Author: Di Morrissey

Book Summary

Natalie is a young Gold Coast mother with a loving husband, two small children and a happy lifestyle. While helping her mother move house, she finds a little box containing a Burmese artefact. When Natalie learns its unique history through a letter left by her great-great uncle, it ignites an interest in its country of origin and her uncle’s unfulfilled plans for this curio. Her investigations collide with her own dramatically changing circumstances and create a catalyst for a moral dilemma that challenges the core of her marriage as she finds herself immersed in two very different golden lands.

Group Comments

Only read half the book.

Dialogue was poor.

The book did not seem to be able to build any suspense, it left you disappointed.

Hard to follow, too many details. You need to have known something about Burma to follow it.

Liked the human side, would have been nicer written in the first person.

Took a while to get into due to the ‘airy fairy’ details.

I liked the book.

Found it interesting.

Natalie was a superwoman.

Loved the book, the language was easy to read.