NYR ambassador Gai Marheine’s Joy of Reading

Gai Marheine, Darug person from the Burramatta Clan, has this to say about being an ambassador for Parramatta City Library and about reading –

(Photo from left: Aunt Sandra, Gai Marheine)

To be a National Year of Reading Ambassador for Parramatta Library  is to be more pro active in promoting reading to people of all ages.

The favourite books

My Place – Sally Morgan. This book inspired me to listen more to people around me and do a wider search on my family history.

Heidi – Johana Spyri.  I was 6 when i read this book, i did not put it down until i had finished it. Hence my daughter being named Heidi

For the term of his natural life – Marcus Clarke. I studied this book when i was in high school. I remember being so involved in it that my mother would yell at me to put the book away and do other things that       needed to be done.

Hamlet – William Shakespeare. This was another that i had studied. I read it again later in life to find that the first time I really didn’t understand the story, but now it is one of  my favourites.

National Year of Reading Campaign is fantastic as it seems to promote reading and encourage people to read more.