NYR Ambassador Paul Garrard ‘s joy of reading

The Councillor of Parramatta City Council Paul Garrard is an ambassador for National Year of Reading for Parramatta City Library. He has this to say about being an ambassador for the library and joy of reading –

As a Councillor, I take extreme pride in the honour of being, ‘A National Year of Reading Ambassador’ for Parramatta Library.

Another Councillor (Alderman) JackFergusonwas very much responsible for introducing a public library system inParramattain the early 1960’s. Jack, who had little formal education had a passionate loved of the written language, and believed that such facilities could add significantly to the opportunities of the local working class community whom he represented.

As an Ambassador, I’m proud to promote the fine work which is carried out within the library system and the excellent service of staff. The range of resources are extensive and Parramatta is now leading the way in WiFi technology, internet facilities together with a wide range of leisure activities and its all FREE.

Council Business papers consume much of my available reading time however I do admire the author Frank Hardy who wrote a string of novels based on working class issues within Australia, the best known probably was ‘Power Without Glory’ which later became a ABC TV series depicting a version of political life in Australia (Victoria) in the early 20th Century. A recent autobiography ‘PELE’, a story of the great Brazilian soccer player, also caught my attention.

Sport and politics have certain parallels. ‘Pele’ states in his autobiography, “You play in a group, you can’t make it alone – there is something magical in the absolute harmony that exists amongst team mates”.

I wish the ‘National Year of Reading Campaign’ to be a great success. Our society needs people who are less stressed. People who are more informed. People who are knowledgeable about other cultures.Readinggives us this freedom to learn, and to keep learning through life.Readingis a wonderful panacea for those who need to relax and keep an active mind. And its all FREE at your local library.