NYR Ambassador Tracey Lee’s Joy of Reading

I am extremely honoured to be Parramatta’s City Library Ambassador for the National Year of Reading 2012.  As an educator, reading is the keystone to learning but more importantly it is an essential skill for life.  Reading allows a person of any age, race or background to learn, explore and escape to another place and time through the story or information that is being read.

In this ever changing world of technology reading is accessed on many different forms of media – ipads, iphones, e-readers and in classrooms on interactive whiteboards.  I believe that there is nothing more fulfilling as a teacher and a mother than watching a child’s face and their emotions as they are read to or read a book and discover the storyline and view the beautiful illustrations in children’s books today.  For older children or adults the picture develops in the minds and is only limited by the imagination.

The importance of reading can never be highlighted enough and to have a year devoted to the promotion of reading is fantastic.  Throughout the year I hope that many children and their families visit their local library and discover the enjoyment gained from reading , as well as realising that it is an essential skill that will help them be a learner throughout their life.

There are so many wonderful books it’s difficult to choose a favourite.  I love reading children books written by Margaret Wild – ‘Chatterbox’ is so realistic and I’m sure many families can relate to the story of a little girl who doesn’t talk when all her family want her to start speaking and then once she does there is no stopping her.  Anyone who reads ‘Our Granny’ immediately has a connection to the storyline as Grandmas’ come in all different shapes and sizes.

‘The Franklin series’ by Paulette Bourgeois always has a moral, value or manner weaved throughout the storyline.  This allows the opportunity to initiate conversation as a teacher and parent to discuss these important skills with children.

Graeme Base books such as ‘Animalia’ may not contain an abundance of text but the illustrations provide an exciting adventure/story to discover and explore.  As each page is revealed you are surprised and thrilled with the detail.

As both my personal and professional life becomes more demanding I don’t have the opportunity to read for leisure as much as I would like.  When the opportunity arises I love to read novels by two great Australian female authors, Judy Nunn or Di Morrissey as it allows me to escape, discover and learn about places in our great country.