NYR Spetember Reading ‘Grow’ – 九月份读书小结

九月份,Dundas 阅读小组针就成长(Grow)这个主题,进行了讨论和交流。是读书使他们增长了知识和才干。

有的人读了“人总是老得太快 但智慧却来得太慢“一书说: “虽然我现在年纪大了,如不加强学习,就会落后,老得更快;学习会使我们年轻,更聪明,跟上时代的步伐。”

有的人从学电脑的发展过程谈自己的成长: “从简单的民用电脑发展到现在的iPad只有二三十年的时间,当时你不会电脑不算什么,但现在如不会电脑有时使你寸步难行。我孩子给我买了一个iPad, 我现在每天能上网,知道天下大事;下载电视剧、小说和学英语;还可以发邮件和聊天,既方便又快捷。我现在真是离不开它了。”

有人还说: “在澳洲既要学英语又要学电脑,有时学电脑比学英语还重要。我儿子和我们现在不住在一起了,他工作在海外。开始因我不懂得英语,我觉得在这日子没法过。我儿子就教我使用电脑,我把重要英文书信扫描后传给儿子,他读完后告诉我如何处理。现在觉得住在这既安心,又方便。有了电脑很多问题都能迎刃而解了。”


In September, the Chinese Reading Group at Dundas Library read and discussed the NYR monthly theme of ‘Grow’. Through reading one can increase their knowledge and skills to achieve personal growth.

There was a member who read a book loosely translated as “People always age too soon but wisdom comes too late”. There was a great saying “right now I may be older, if I do not persist on learning, I will be left behind, thus I age faster; learning will make you feel more energized/youthful, smarter, and keep up with the pace of times.”

Some people are achieving growth with technology. From the first giant super computers to the personal computer and now the iPad, it has only been two or three decades but in this day and age, if you don’t have any computer skills then you are literally nothing. Unfortunately, sitting at the computer means being inertia, stationed in one spot unable to move. One member received an iPad from their children, now they can go anywhere and still be able to go on the Internet everyday, to know world affairs; download television shows, novels and learn English; send emails and chat – very fast and convenient. They can not imagine life without it.

Someone said: “inAustraliapeople not only need to learn English but have computer skills. For them learning to use a computer takes precedence over English. Their son currently lives overseas. As they do not know English it was at first very difficult for them, but after her son taught her how to use the computer, now she scans English documents she receives in the mail to her son to translate them for her. Now she feels at peace knowing her son is never too far away as the internet has bridged the physical distance and the computer has helped her solve many issues.”

Spring is here, so one member read “How to grow a good vegetable garden”. Everyone started exchanging tips on how to cultivate and grow bitter gourd, as bitter gourd is a favourite vegetable to have in summer to combat the heat.