Parramatta City Library – Great Reads for May 2013


Check out these great reads for May 2013-

Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant

Zero Day by Mark Russinovich

The Lonely Desert by Sarah Challis

The Intercept by Dick Wolf

A Delicate Truth by John Le Carre

The World until Yesterday by Jared Diamond

Artists in Conversation by Janet Hawley

Dominion by C. J. Sansom

Dear Life by Alice Munro

The Posture Doctor: the art and science of healthy posture by Paula Moore

The last runaway  Cover Image   The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier

When modest Quaker Honor Bright sails from Bristol with her sister, she is fleeing heartache for a new life in America, far from home. But tragedy leaves her alone and vulnerable, torn between two worlds and dependent on the kindness of strangers. Life in 1850s Ohio is precarious and unsentimental. The sun is too hot, the thunderstorms too violent, the snow too deep. The roads are spattered with mud and spit. The woods are home to skunks and porcupines and raccoons. They also shelter slaves escaping north to freedom. Should Honor hide runaways from the ruthless men who hunt them down? The Quaker community she has joined may oppose slavery in principle, but does it have the courage to help her defy the law? As she struggles to find her place and her voice, Honor must decide what she is willing to risk for her beliefs.

I couldn’t put this book down. It was one of those books you get lost in and all you want to do is read; then when you finally finish, you are really sorry you have. It was the first book I have read by Tracy Chevalier and I can’t wait to read more.