Review of The other family by Joanna Trollope

                                                                                                  Sarah’s pick

The sudden death of Richie Rossiter changes the life of his partner, children and wife.  Richie married Margaret when he was a young and struggling musician.  They had a son, Scott.  Richie later left them to live with Chrissie, who managed his successful career and had three daughters with him.  All these people are affected in different ways by his death.

Chrissie finds it hard to acknowledge reality and move on with her life.  Two of her daughters are selfish and unhelpful.  It is the youngest daughter, Amy, who can see things clearly; however this insight is hurtful to her mother.

Now Richie’s first family and second have contact with each other; initially due to the funeral and the will, then through Amy’s curiosity about her father’s early life.

Richie’s death is also a catalyst for change for Margaret and Scott, even though they had no contact with him for over twenty years.

Throughout the book the issue of why Richie never divorced Margaret to marry Chrissie is raised.  She starts to question whether he really loved her when she finds out he has left something valuable to Margaret and Scott.

The book os mainly set in London and also Newcastle and Tynemouth in Northern England.  It is easy to read with unbelievable characters.  My favourite characters were Margaret and Amy.  I found the ending satisfying.

If you like this book there are many other Joanna Trollope novels to try, or perhaps try these authors – Caro Fraser, Libby Purves and Elizabeth Buchan.