Review of ‘Twitterature’

Title: Twitterature

Author: Alexander Aciman & Emmett Rensin 

Well, I don’t know what do you think about Twitter. But it is getting bigger and bigger. It certainly impacts how we do business and how we read. It doesn’t matter if you like it or hate it, it is just there. God knows how many users there. One says 300 millions. The thing is that you just can’t ignore it. That’s it.


So Penguin Books published this book and created a new word ‘twitterature’ – yes, it’s PENGUIN. Classic is re created by twittering it. Just when you think people are hooked themselves more and more into online, books that used to influence generations that might die one day, so comes Twitterature.

Indeed, people love computer and reading screen but that doesn’t mean books are dead. Wee can still preserve book by using new technologies. It reinforces the importance of literature. Using twitter to expand knowledge of classic literature is just another way to show us how we can promote literature in a technical world. No matter what, we’re humans and we love literature. So this slim volume from an eminent publisher should offer a great comfort for we book lovers as we’re so worried that technology might mark the ‘bookends’. 

Of course you can only type 140 characters or less on Twitter. So one has to learn how to ‘twitterature’. Here are some words, from the introduction of ‘Twitterature’ 

“In brief – and we mean this literally – we have created our generation’s salvation, a new and revolutionary way of facing and understanding the greatest art of all arts: Literature. And allow us now to openThe eternal aperture,To the brilliant soul of common man,

We present to you … Twitterature.”