Second Tuesday Book Club- The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

This week the Second Tuesday Book Club met to discuss Jonathan Franzen’s novel The Corrections. Each character has some aspect of their lives they wish to “correct”, hence the title.¬†One reader thoroughly enjoyed the book and felt the dissection of the family was very well done. Others struggled to engage with the book and it took a long time to get through. Sentences and explanations are often long winded so an idea can take a while to be explained. The author ridicules the Midwestern values displayed by Alfred and Enid. Enid is not happy with the restrictions she has lived with and never gives up “correcting” Alfred. On a positive note Enid ends up having hope for the future. The “one last Christmas together” does become a positive experience for the Lambert family as they actually spend time together and find the occasion very enjoyable.

It was certainly an intersting book to read but the group was divided on whether they would recommend it to others.