Second Tuesday Evening Book Group – The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

At the January meeting of the 2nd Tuesday Book Group Paullina Simons novel The Bronze Horseman was discussed. The book had been highly recommended to one of the member of the group, so was added to the reading list for 2013.

One member of the group has read the book twice before and found the characters admirable in their resilience and adaptability.

The historical insight into Russia was fascinating. The characters certainly do change throughout the book – Tatiana becomes more responsible and likeable, where as her sister remains the same, self-focused and blind to reality. Alexander’s story broadens and deepens throughout the book. The books’ ending is satisfying for Tatiana’s storyline but leaves scope for a follow up novel.

There was a couple off members who didn’t enjoy the book as much as the rest of the group. One member found the dialogue tedious, with the book having too much detail and decided it wasn’t worth continuing while the other thought it was stereo typical ‘the American’ was the hero of the book, though others in the group felt Alexander was a great character and enjoyed his integrity.

Overall most members of the group liked the book and would recommend it.