Then came you- Jennifer Weiner – Sarah P’s pick

The latest book by best-selling author Jennifer Weiner links together four women via one baby. Each woman has a problem and the baby links them together.

 Jules is at college at Princeton and as well as being smart she is attractive. She is approached to donate her eggs to a fertility clinic. Her motivation is to get enough money to put her alcoholic father into a rehab program.

Annie is a mother to two young boys and her family is struggling to exist on one salary. She feels being a surrogate will contribute to the family income while allowing her to stay home with her sons.

India has put her hard start in life behind and reinvented herself. She meets a wealthy older man, Marcus and they want to have a baby. However India is already 43 and needs to turn to modern technology to help her fulfil this dream

Bettina is Marcus’s daughter from his first marriage and is suspicious of India from the start. She hires an investigator to look into India’s background.

 The story alternates among the characters and in time- from the present back to the past and ends with a chapter set in the future. Overall I enjoyed the story although I did find some aspects a little hard to believe.

One thought on “Then came you- Jennifer Weiner – Sarah P’s pick

  1. Believe or not, I think this is a very big issue, not only to do with infertility but ethics as well. Does one do it for money that is ethical? or is a good cause enough to satisfy ethical argument and money just as an extra result from it? some aspects or motivation must be very hard to believe for people who are not in the situation.

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