Review: What makes us tick? – Hugh Mackay

In September 2011 the Wednesday book club read Hugh Mackay’s ” What makes us tick? : the ten desires that drive us”

Hugh Mackay was interesting to listen to in live conversation but noone read the whole book. One person felt the book was based on pop psychology and found it tedious. Several people found it interesting but found the best way to read it is to “dip into it” one chapter at a time.

┬áThe examples given illustrating the “desires that drive us” were very interesting. The chapter most enjoyed was “The sense of place” dealing with where we feel most secure and comfortable.

All agreed that the ten desires covered in the book are valid and were well researched. Some desires are more interesting to some people depending on their circumstances and interests. Most people felt it would be a good book to have at home to read at leisure a chapter at a time.