Sophie Hannah’s Hercule Poirot

A new Poirot movie is recently on our screens: Murder on the orient express, a famous adaptation of Agatha Christie’s book, again and again.

Christie is a most loved author, the creator of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. All of her books have been  reprinted and sold over 2 billion copies  in various languages. Murder on the orient express was adapted for TV and movie  many times, with some great actors portraying   Poirot. While this time it is Kenneth Branagh’s time for Poirot I personally favoured David Suchet, a Poirot in action for 25 years. But I did like Kenneth Branagh playing as the detective Wallander in the TV series UK version, adapted from the books by Henning Mankell. Continue reading

What’s new – non fiction selections

Books, books, books, whether in print or electronic format, we avid readers love it. Here are a few photoshoots that we’ve just taken and surely you’ll find one that you’d like to read. Considering that we usually tell you guys more about fiction titles, this time we’d like to see what’s new in non fiction.

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The dry – a book review

Title: The Dry

Author: Jane Harper

Review by Katherine

The Dry by Jane harper has been described as “mythic and valiant” and there is no doubt that Jane Harper has become the latest Aussie literary sensation.  The Dry has now won a swag of awards including the prestigious “Golden Dagger” award recently, as well as receiving glowing reviews and becoming a bestselling book.  What is it about “The Dry” that has stuck a chord among the world’s readers? It is a compelling mystery that keeps you guessing, the small town characters are well rounded and believable. The main character Federal Police officer Aron Falk is not an heroic figure in the over the top Jack Reacher style.  Rather he is characterized as a man driven by a dogged decency that compels him to stick around the insular country town he grew up in but left under a cloud in his teens, to help to solve the worst kind of crime, the murder of an entire family, or was it a murder suicide? Continue reading