Chasing the Light by Jesse Black adder


Second Tueday Book Group – Comments

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  • Number of whales killed, 20 000 in six months, quite radical; extinction and issue.
  • Booked slowed down and became bogged down.
  • Book about harsh reality; the environment and the slaughter of whales.
  • Book very slow – first 150pages seemed very foreign to the book. Confusing, boring. Four main characters, three females and one male. They learned about themselves, they changed and grew close to the environment. The characters felt that they had to fight to survive and hold their own.
  • Plot was character driven.
  • Disappointing that the novel had no relation to reality; even though the book became enjoyable.
  • Book a bit wordy and could have been 100 pages shorter.
  • Book did not live up to blurb!