Last Thursday Book Group – Discussion Notes

 Light between

The Last Thursday Group read M. L. Stedman’s The Light Between Oceans


Warning some comments may contain a plot spoiler! 

By reading these comments some elements of the story may given away.

  • A very moving story. Tom returned from the war a Military Cross hero. But felt he had let down his mates having survived when so many perished.
  • Isabel married him as a young bride and went to live on Janus. Life was very hard but they were happy.
  • The years that followed brought many heartaches – the loss of 3 babies was almost too much to bear – so when a boat washed up on shore with a deceased man and a live baby, they decided to keep the child and rear her as their own – who would know the difference.
  • Fate stepped in when they accidently discovered the identity of the baby Lucy’s parents.
  • The birth mother claimed her child and Tom and Isabel were forced to sever all ties.
  • They, lived out the rest of their lives quietly, then after Isabel’s death Lucy found Tom and she read the letter from Isabel – she still remembered her times on the island with them both.
  • I think when Lucy (Grace) visited Tom and he held her newborn son – it gave him peace and hope – the same way she did when he an Isabel found her in the boat all those years ago.