R.I.P Hawking

When the world mourns the loss of a giant, a great scientist and  writer,  Stephen Hawking, at this time we reflect on his scientific research into time, black holes, and the  universe as whole.

Although frozen by the motor neurone disease, he defied the odds and outlived the disease for more than a half century. He produced  the most beautiful theory –the theory of time and changed people’s view on the universe.

The best way to remember him, is to try to read his books and to understand this world better, to think differently when the sun rises tomorrow. We’re not alone in this universe and we can do better to learn, to preserve, to harmonise with the universe, the earth and the environment we live in.

City of Parramatta Library has most of Stephen Hawking’s books, A brief history of time, which became a bestseller for 4 years after its release and sold over 10 million copies in 40 languages. Hawking also wrote The universe in a nutshell, The grand design, What’s out there, My brief history and more. There are a lot books written about him, for example Travelling to infinity: my life with Stephen by his first wife Jane Hawking. The movie The theory of everything is so inspiring and totally worth a revisit.

Stephen Hawking was born on the 300-year anniversary of another science giant Gallileo’s death and he departed on the day of Einstein’s birth anniversary and Pi Day. Now I’m sure that all these great souls happily meet in heaven.