Read: How to Make Healthy Normal

Make Healthy Normal kicks off from today for an entire July at our library. It’s an initiative by four Western Sydney libraries in partnership with Western Sydney Local Health District. We’d like to promote healthy eating and active living. Small steps can make a big difference to your health, eg, choose smaller portions and less kilojoules, eat more fruit and veg, be active every day, make water your drink and sit less move more.

Health & Wellbeing subject zone is the most popular read in the Library, so is Cooking zone. Here is a list of those books that will help you to make healthy normal. Books that written for kids that will encourage them to eat fruit & veg.

Reverse your diabetes in 12 weeks : the scientifically proven program to avoid, control, and turn around your diabetes by George King

The CSIRO low-carb diet by Grant Brinkworth

At my table : delicious recipes from 60 celebrated chefs for people with diabetes by Amanda Bilson

Diabetes : delicious recipes for type 2 diabetes by Marlisa Szwillus

Diabetes and you : a comprehensive, holistic approach by Naheed Ali

Healthy cholesterol : naturally reduce blood pressure & stress by Catherine Butterfield

Dr Dawn’s guide to weight & diabetes by Dawn Harper

Raising teens with diabetes : a survival guide for parents by Moira McCarthy

Even little kids get diabetes by Connie White Pirner

Blokes’ health. 2 : a doctor’s guide to the 3ds, depression, diabetes & dicks! by Bernie Crimmins

How to lose weight well : keep weight off forever, the healthy, simple way by Xand van Tulleken

Fast your way to wellness by Lee Holmes

Neuroslimming : let your brain change your body by Helena Popovic

Get lean, stay lean : the 6-step program for a happier, healthier body, for life by Joanna McMillan

Food to make you glow : a nutritionist’s guide to eating for wellness by Lola Berry

The obesity code : unlocking the secrets of weight loss by Jason Fung

Strala yoga : be strong, focused & ridiculously happy from the inside out by Tara Stiles

Yoga for teens by Shawna Schenk

Mindful games : sharing mindfulness and meditation with children, teens, and families by Susan Kaiser  Greenland

The stress management workbook by Lynne Van Brakel

Self-reg : how to help your child (and you) break the stress cycle and successfully engage with life by Stuart Shanker

The 3 Cs : chaos, crisis, confusion : your invitation to a new life by Alana Fairchild

Overcoming anxiety : reassuring ways to break free from stress and worry and lead a calmer life by Gill Hasson

A mindfulness guide for the frazzled by Ruby Wax

Peak : reinventing middle age by Patricia Edgar

It’s all absolutely fine : life is complicated so I’ve drawn it instead by Ruby Elliot

Boost your brain power in 60 seconds : the 4-week plan for a sharper mind, better memory, and healthier brain by Michelle Schoffro Cook

Gastrophysics: the new science of eating by Charles Spence