Read Watch Play – Monthly Reading Themes 2013

The Read Watch Play blog is the home of a monthly reading group that celebrates all kinds of reading possibilities.  It encourages everyone to read and tweet about what they reading.

Each month the group will be reading around a particular theme. As well as discussing what you are reading in book groups, at your local library and with friends and family, some readers will also be tweeting about their reading. 

The monthly themes for 2013 are:

  • January – #reread                    July – #artread
  • February – #heartread            August – #furread
  • March – #ecoread                     September – #historyread
  • April – #crimeread                    October – #egoread
  • May – #indigiread                     November – #moread
  • June – #faraway                        December – #endread

To be involved you don’t have to tweet – you can just read along each month if you like.  But if you tweet about what you are reading, tag your posts with #rwpchat and the monthly themed tag, you can join the live monthly Twitter discussion (usually held at the end of the month) or just follow along.

Parramatta City Library follows Read Watch Play and displays reading guides, books, and movies each month as well as posting suggested reads here and on Pinterest. The Get Reading group at Parramatta Library reads articles each month that relate to the monthly reading themes.

Read Watch Play is brought to you by the NSW Readers Advisory Working Group, working with the State Library of NSW, in partnership with a number of libraries around the world. The blog and more information can be found by clicking here.