Hugh O’Brien – Undaunted From Clearance Diver to Mercenary

Undaunted Cover ImageHugh O'BrienGrowing up on the family sheep and wheat farm near Young, NSW, Hugh ‘Obi’ O’Brien was the second of four sporty and competitive sons. Attending Sydney boarding school St Joseph’s College, a rugby academy, old-school English customs and Dickensian group living that honed his fast developing survival skills. His lacklustre performance in both sporting and academic endeavours ingrained a sense of underachievement that would fuel his later success in the Special Forces. Continue reading

A new title from Elizabeth Gilbert

signatureAfter Eat pray love where could she go and how did she get there? Well, Elizabeth Gilbert has done it well. Her new title The signature of all things has received a lot attention. But hold on, this is not a memoir , but a fiction book. From our catalogue here is something about this book Continue reading