Lee Child


I read somewhere that Lee Child’s books are purchased every 3 or 4 seconds, all over the world. Regardless of whether this statement is true or not, Lee Child is certainly one of our most popular authors here at the City of Parramatta Library. Every time we run a popular item report, Lee Child is, if not at the top, most certainly listed in the top 10.

This prompted me to think, why? I have never read a book by Lee Child and if I am completely honest, I have never been remotely interested. However, being the curious book loving person that I am, I decided it might be time to find out for myself.

I approached a few of my colleagues at the Library and asked them if they had read any Lee Child, the popular response was no. So I proposed we all read a Lee Child book and share our thoughts with you all!

Now I know all the diehard Lee Child fans will probably be rolling their eyes at us, thinking you’re all crazy. I freely admit I tend to stay away from authors who are well known and love discovering lesser known but equally talented authors to read.

Having said that I like a challenge and can’t wait to pick up ‘Never Go Back’.

Look out for our series of book reviews on Parra Reads!