Weekends with Daisy

Weekends with Daisy by Sharron Kahn Luttrell

Still mourning the loss of her family dog, mother and journalist Sharron Luttrell signs up for a weekend puppy-raising program. There’s just one catch: on weekdays, the dog is being trained by a convicted felon. She co-parents the pup with Keith, a seemingly friendly inmate serving a 40-year sentence.

Group Comments

The majority of people thought the book was average, most members of the group read the book.

I read the book but wasn’t enthusiastic. Found the author monotonous.

Didn’t finish it, found the author weak, lost interest. Will finished it but not sure when.

Didn’t finish too similar to work, found it romanticised prison.

Found the author went on about the other people in her life too much. Struggled to read it and wouldn’t recommend it. The program (NEADS) sounds good but book was uninspiring.

Found the author annoying, her character didn’t appeal to me; she seemed weak plus mild when dog training needs to be firm. Read other books around rather than finishing this; did eventually finish though.

Author was not a modern woman, didn’t love it but was an easy read.

Still reading but finding it dull.

The dog is lovely but the author is scatty. Thought it was funny she was disconnected from family but worried about children growing up.

Read by 2nd Tuesday Evening reading group.