What’s New? – ANF

Do you feel you’d like to read some serious stuff now? It’s 2018! There are so many interesting books there, better hurry.

Trapped in a closed world: Catholic culture and sexual abuse by Kevin Peoples – well the title says all.

Laugh it up: embrace freedom and experience defiant joy by Candace Payne – ‘the author shares her story of extreme poverty, past trauma, and struggles with self-worth-an how she fought to choose joy in spite of it all. It’s a journey of hope, humor, faith and fresh chances for anyone who longs to live in wonder yet fears they never will. ‘

The uncollected  David Rakoff by David Rakoff – the author ‘was one of the most original, delightfully acerbic voices of his generation.’

Mom boss: balancing entrepreneurship, kids & success by Nicole Feliciano – left her role as an executive at Ralph Lauren to launch the Momtrends blog in 2007. Now more than 500,000 moms check in with Montrends. What’s this all about? Better read it.

Plot 29: a memoire by Allan Jenkins – ‘a superbly written testament to the power of earth to nourish and heal’ one critics viewed. It’s original and brilliant. If you love personal story, it’s for you.

Berlin style guide by Ellen Teschendorf & Petra Albert – I know it’s not a Paris style. However every place has its own unique style and eat, sleep, and shop!