The scar- written by Charlotte Moundlic, illustrated by Olivier Tallec

Thanh’s pick

I’m completely stunned:  a children book – with a blue sticker on the cover, which means a concept book in our library – that begins with:  “Mum died this morning…”  As far as I know, children’s stories never deals with death, it’s too touchy.  So is this a story of a bad dream?  I read on, and no, the little boy’s mum is really gone forever.  Continue reading

Empire Day- Diane Armstrong

 Sarah P’s pick

This book covers a year on a street in Bondi. It is 1948 and the street, as well as Australia, is being transformed by the arrival of refugees from Europe. It starts with bonfires and crackers to celebrate Empire Day. The Australian born families enjoy the communal atmosphere and fireworks while the sounds and smells trigger bad memories for the survivors of war. Continue reading

The Dovekeepers- Alice Hoffman

Sarah P’s pick

 Set over four years around 70 AD and based on the true story of nine hundred Jews holding out against the might of the Roman army in the desert at Masada, this novel tells the story through four female characters who have taken refuge there. Continue reading

Why be happy when you could be normal – a review

Author: Jeanette Winterson

Title: Why be happy when you could be normal?

Katherine’s Pick

Jeanette Winterson is  the  author who shot to prominence when  her novel  “Orangesare not the only Fruit” was published  in the 1990’s. Original and riveting it is  about growing up in Manchesterin the 1960’s, she is adopted into a fundamentalistic, apocalyptic Christian family.    She  depicts her mother as  a grotesque monster with an ineffectual husband,  who makes the young  Jess’s life a misery,  finally she breaks free and leaves home at sixteen.  The novel was made into a groundbreaking and controversial BBC series which won awards and made Winterson  an overnight success  in the world of comtemporary English literature. Continue reading