Podcast Episode 34 – Wellbeing

Find ways to relax, to meditate, to pursue balance, to consider gratitude, to engage in kindness, to strive for positivity…. all of these are important considerations for those interested in creating a sense of wellbeing for themselves and those around them.

Join Nisa & Antonia as they talk about some books that explore this and more!

The books discussed in this episode of Parra Pods include:

In Search of Happiness: following mindful paths to fulfillment by Mike Annesley. Worth Press, October 2018.

Smart Girls Screw Up Too: the no-nonsense guide to creating the life you want by Bella Zanesco. John Wiley & Son, January 2018. 

Unwind Your Mind: the life changing power of ASMR by Emma WhispersRed. Ebury Publishing, September 2019.

Happy Listening!

Ned Kelly Awards 2018 Shortlist

The Australian Crime Writers Association (ACWA) has announced the shortlists for this year’s Ned Kelly Awards for Australian crime writing.

The shortlisted works in each category are:

Best crime fiction

Best true crime

Best first fiction

The winners will be announced on 26 August during the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Best books 2017 Reviewed by Australian Media – 1

The following are some titles of 2017 reviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Australian Book Review (magazine). While the year comes to its festive season, we celebrate the diversity of books and reading. We’d like to share all those inspirational literature stories with you in a few separate posts and wish you a safe and lovely festive season. Continue reading