Thrilling April Reads

Wow! What a month of books. I really enjoyed reading, ‘Peace‘ by Garry Disher, ‘You Don’t Know Me‘ by Sara Foster and ‘The Ruin‘ by Dervla McTiernan. All very different, but great thriller/crime reads.

If you were looking for a light easy read, then my recommendation would be ‘Peace‘ by Garry Disher. Constable Paul ‘Hirsch’ Hirschhausen, was such a likeable character and while this was the second book in a series of books about Paul Hirschhausen, ‘Peace’ can definitely be read as a standalone. The dry Australian outback and the problems that plague that environment and its people, is something I never tire reading about. ‘Peace’ is the second book in the Paul Hirschhausen series of books. ‘Bitter Wash Road‘ (book one), ‘Consolation‘ (book three).

Anyone, who is a regular reader of Parra Reads will know that Sara Foster is one of my all-time favourite writers. All her books seem to have the perfect mix of great settings, likeable characters, and enough mystery to keep you guessing. If you haven’t read any of Sara Foster’s books, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ is a good one to start with.

The Ruin‘ by Dervla McTiernan is an awesome thriller set in Ireland. I don’t know if it was the setting, the characters or the mystery that caught my attention the most. Maybe it was the masterful way in which Dervla McTiernan mixed them together to create a brilliant crime read. I think I might classify this as my first real crime thriller read. The depth the author has devoted to the setting and character building really sets it apart from other books in the same genre. I can’t wait to read the next two books in the series.

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Must Read Newly Released Fiction

Just when we thought our ‘to be read’ piles could not grow any larger, another month ticks over and a completely new lot of amazing books are released out into the world for us all to read.

It probably won’t surprise any of you that there are quite a few of us here at City of Parramatta Libraries who love to read. In fact, we love nothing better than catching up over lunch or online via our Goodreads page to discuss books, books, and more books.

After one recent discussion, we decided to share with everyone these newly released books we simply cannot wait to get our hands on.

If like us, you love books and reading and you currently find yourself at a reading crossroads, you might enjoy exploring some of our top picks for newly released fiction titles.

We have ordered copies of the below recommended new releases, so place a Hold on your pick now. Holds are free and you can now place up to ten (10) Holds and collect from any one of our Libraries.

We hope you find your next great read to share with your reading buddies.

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Book Club Books Reviews April 2021

Girt by David Hunt

Hunt takes an irreverently humorous look at the early and tumultuous period of history from before Cook to the end of Macquarie’s ‘reign’.

It is amusing to begin with, but its’ too clever by half style quickly becomes tedious. It contains many footnotes and a large bibliography to underpin its’ historical veracity and may be popular with young high school students as a palatable introduction to Australian history studies.


Read by the Dundas Readers

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Normal People is the story of Connell and Marianne who come from completely different backgrounds, but who are drawn to each other through different stages of their lives, starting at high school.  Two young kids desperately wanting to be normal.

It is very well written, and it feels a little like a character study.  It was a very different book for our group to read and generated a lot of discussion among us.  Overall, we liked this book for the issues and questions it raised.  From depression and anxiety to socio-economic status and teenage angst. 


Read by Cultcha Club

The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri

This novel, although so confronting in many scenes, was to us, essentially a love story. It was full of symbolism and hope, emphasising the importance of community, understanding and empathy. It was a gentle read and although it seemed simple, the topic and characterisations were complex. We felt it reminded us to listen to the stories that people have to tell, to remember happiness and to have hope. Providing contact information to refugee organisations was a practical way to provide help.

Read by MJ Readers

Podcast Thriller & Crime Fiction

Thrillers and crime fiction are genres of writing that fascinate the reader through the depiction of danger, of darkness, of suspense and anxiety that surrounds the criminal or crime-related events described in the story.

Join Nisa and Bryony as they discuss some books that fall neatly and not-so-neatly within the overlapping boundaries of these genres.


Australia & the First World War in Books

Through books and stories, we remember.

The heroic tales, the unsung men, women and animals who served and fought for our Country at war and those left behind at home.

These stories of comradery, friendship and heartbreak are how we can remember and acknowledge the sacrifice and loss of a time past.

Explore some of these amazing stories and remember.

Lest We Forget