From a clear blue sky – a book review

Title: From a clear blue sky

Author: Timothy Knatchbull

Jenny’s pick

On a clear blue sky day in August 1979,14 year old Timothy Knatchbull went fishing with his grandfather and family, they where on holiday in Ireland, and had no idea that the IRA had planted explosives just under the timber deck they where standing on. Continue reading

Foal’s bread – a book review

Title: Foal’s bread

Author: Gillian Meares

Katherine’s pick

This is Gillian Meare’s first novel in sixteen years and I am very glad to see the work of such a fine writer resurface.  The Foal’s Bread is a family saga written in a style which is lush and  lyrical.  The story is set in rural NSW during the time between World war 1 and World War 2 and tells the story of the Nancarrow family.  On the surface this is a linear narrative about Noah and Roley Nancarrow,  a young couple who marry and set out to pursue their  dream of winning the High Jump events at the Country Horse Show Circuit which was a popular form of country entertainment at this time,  and thus make their fortunes. Continue reading

A private life – a book review

Author: Michael Kirby

Title: A Private Life

Yan and Katherine’s pick

Michael Kirby was a talented kid who grew up   in Concord, then  a working class suburb.  He was educated  in the  Public school system, gaining entry into the OC class in Summer Hill Public school,   then went  on to  the selective Fort Street High. His was very Sydneyand indeed, the book gives a very private life. Continue reading