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In this Library & Information Week (20 – 26 May), we strongly advocate Truth, Integrity & Knowledge.  There are 10 ways that library and information professionals promote truth, integrity and knowledge. Equally our readers might find the following books in the areas that related to information integrity. You can borrow them from our libraries’ collection.

Podcast Up Lit

Parra Pods – Episode 13 Up Lit in Review

Up Lit – What is it? & why do we love it!

‘Up Lit’ can be described as books with an emphasis on empathy, books that are  uplifting and life-affirming and in our latest episode of Parra Pods Katherine, Nisa & Yi discuss and review four titles in this popular newish genre.

If you are tired of reading grim true crime and Scandi Noir, try some of these titles on for size:

Some of the books discussed in the Podcast include:

Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One – Raphaelle Giordano

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman

The Happiness Project Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun – Gretchen Rubin

My Squirrel Days – Ellie Kemper

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History lessons – my topic reads

Have you ever had the feeling that you cannot find any books that you feel like reading anymore? It was because of this very feeling that I started reading in topics/series. This allowed me to concentrate on one topic/series at time but in numerous books, both fiction and non fiction, and read through them carefully. I believe that books connect to one another, just as all human stories are connected.

Recently my focus has been history, and politics. I know it is a big topic, but I selected what I was interested in and started to read.

First, I read a non fiction book, Has the west lost it? By Kishore Mahbubani. The author was an expert on Asia and world affairs and well regarded in Singapore. His book has different views regarding the western culture and its influence to Asia and Africa, the Rest, as author differential it from the West. While he highly commends the West he was also critical about it, because he felt the West was biased in recent decades and the West couldn’t see the changes beyond it. According to the author before 1820, the world largest economies were always those of China and India. Then Europe took over, followed by America. Now after analysing pages of statistics, the author asserted that ‘China and India have regained their natural share as those of America and Europe have begun to shrink.’ Will it? I think any difference of opinions, no matter how uncomfortable, are worth our attention.

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New Look – Blog

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the NEW LOOK Parra Reads!!!

We hope you love the fresh look as much as we do. Don’t worry not much has changed we just updated the look and feel for our 60th anniversary to create a more modern clean style.

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Amos Oz

When we welcome to a new year, unfortunately Amos Oz could not have seen the first light of 2019 as he passed away on 28 Dec last year. A wonderful Israeli writer and intellectual, he did not only publish 40 books in his life time but also Oz was the first Israelis writer to advocate peace resolution- two state solution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the past half century. Continue reading