1st Wednesday Book Group

 Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

Everyone read the book and finished it. The husband Frank was throughly manipulative. The wife April was rather “flakey” and some readers found her very irritating.

The novel, written in 1961, and set in the mid 50’s, really typified the suburban lifestyle of the time – very regimented and very stifling. Continue reading

April Reading Theme – Crimereads

Whether it’s fiction or non fiction crime writing is always a popular genre in Western literature. This month the reading theme is Crimereads.

Parramatta City Library has many titles in its collection and you can go to our online catalogue to reserve whatever you like, or download an ebook or you can simply come to the library and pick up some books. Continue reading

Dundas Library 华人阅读小组- March Discussion

主题: Global Warming, Climate Change & Pollution, etc.

今天的活动准时在12.00分开始, 在座的七位华人朋友当中, 只有三位是常客, 即他们每个月都参加活动, 另外那些是新朋友, 但无论是新人还是旧人, 大家的情绪都很高涨, 围绕着全球的气侯变化,环境污染,地震,洪水,山火等有关的自然灾害这些主题, 展开了热烈的讨论. Continue reading