Turia Pitt @ Parramatta City Library


Turia Pitt – Everything to Live For: The Inspirational Story of Turia Pitt   


 Turia Pitt

In September 2011,Turia Pitt, a beautiful 25-year-old mining engineer working her dream job in the far north of Western Australia, entered an ultra-marathon race that would change her life forever.


Turia will be visiting Parramatta City Library to give a talk on:

Date: Monday 9 September

Location: Parramatta Library, Civic Place, Parramatta

Time: 6.00pm – 7.00pm

Cost: Free

Bookings: Required 9806 5159




2nd Tuesday Evening Book Group


At their August meeting the 2nd Tuesday Evening Group discussed Kate Grenville’s

The Secret River

secret river 






After a childhood of poverty and petty crime in the slums of London, William Thornhill is sentenced in 1806 to be transported to New South Wales for the term of his natural life. With his wife Sal and children in tow, he arrives in a harsh land that feels at first like a death sentence. Continue reading

1st Wednesday Book Group


At their August the 1st Wednesday Group discussed Kathy Lette’s Book


The Boy Who Fell to Earth

boy fell


Meet Merlin. He’s Lucy’s bright, beautiful son — who just happens to be autistic. Since Merlin’s father left them in the lurch shortly after his diagnosis, Lucy has made Merlin the centre of her world. Struggling with the joys and tribulations of raising her eccentrically adorable yet challenging child, (if only Merlin came with operating instructions) Lucy doesn’t have room for any other man in her life. By the time Merlin turns ten, Lucy is seriously worried that the Pope might start ringing her up for tips on celibacy, so resolves to dip a poorly pedicured toe back into the world of dating. Continue reading

Apollo’s Outcasts – Book Review


Title Apollo’s Outcasts

Author Allen Steele

Fiction – Young Adult (and Adult)



I’ve been a fan of Allen Steele’s writing for many years now, as I really enjoy his mix of real science and real characters. He writes near-future science fiction about things like building the first moonbase, manned Mars exploration and so on. Instead of the high-tech utopias that some series have, his books have everyday people doing everyday jobs

except those jobs are a few years in the future, and in space.

The book tells the story of sixteen-year-old Jamey Barlowe’s fight for survival and freedom together with his friends, against a corrupt and authoritarian government. It has politics, intrigue, action and a touch of romance, all together in a can’t-put-down read. Highly recommended for young adults Continue reading

Changeling – Book Review


Title – Changeling (Order of Darkness – # 1)

Author – Philippa Gregory

Fiction – Young Adult

Jody’s Pick



I had been wanting to read ‘The Changeling’ since it came out in 2012 and wasn’t disappointed.

Having read a lot of Philippa Gregory’s books I hoped it would be as good and it was. I think it’s a great book for anyone who likes Historical fiction with a little adventure and mystery.

A great book for Young Adults who it’s aimed at.

Once again Philippa Gregory has shown why people eagerly await her new books. I am looking forward to starting the second book in the series as soon as possible.