Staff Pick – The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

aaaTITLE – The Husband’s Secret

AUTHOR – Liane Moriarty


“To be opened in the event of my death” With one swift, vicious movement, she sliced the envelope open, and pulled out a handwritten letter. love you and the girls… so sorry to leave you with this… cannot bear… The Husband’s Secret is a funny, heartbreaking novel of marriage, grief, love and secrets. When her husband announces he’s in love with her best friend, painfully shy Tess picks up her young son and returns to her mother’s house. There she begins an unexpected affair with an old flame. Rachel is a woman in her sixties consumed by grief and anger at the loss of her daughter twenty years earlier. When her son announces he is taking her beloved grandson overseas, Rachel begins a descent into deeper bitterness and pain. Cecilia is the quintessential “I don’t know how she does it” woman. A devoted mother to three daughters, she runs her household like clockwork, is President of the P&C, owns an extremely successful Tupperware business and is happy in her fifteen-year marriage. Until she discovers a letter in their attic labelled: “To my wife Cecilia, to be opened in the event of my death”… Her husband’s secret is a bombshell beyond all imagining with repercussions across the lives of all three women.


I thought I had already read my favourite book of the year, but I am going to change my mind. The Husbands Secret is the BEST book I have read this year. Continue reading

2nd Tuesday Book Group

ertTitle – Breathing in Colour

Author – Clare Jay

Book Summary –

‘Your child is missing – presumed dead.’Hours after receiving the phone call that every mother dreads, Alida Salter flies to India to search for her backpacker daughter. The discovery of disturbing collages in Mia’s hotel makes Alida suspect a connection between the disaster that fractured their relationship thirteen years ago, and Mia’s recent, mysterious disappearance.Mia is no ordinary girl. Growing up with the sensory condition synaesthesia – where she sees the world in a kaleidoscope of shapes, colours and smells – she has gone through life with the vivid imagination of an artist, but for years she has shouldered an overwhelming burden of guilt. It has been a difficult relationship, but now comes the toughest test of all…Alida must find the courage to trust her maternal instincts, or lose her daughter forever.

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Doris Lessing dies at the age of 94

Doris Lessing, the Nobel Prize winning author has passed away, peacefully at home at the age of 94.

Doris was a prolific writer and reluctant feminist icon, but was first and foremost a storyteller, loyal to the power of the written word.

Some of Doris’s books include: