A beautiful place to die – discussion

This Tuesday evening, the reading group has discussed the book ‘A beautiful place to die’ by Malla Nunn. Here are some very brief points from the group.

–          Readable, well written, well liked

–          Things are not as they seem 

–          Characters were not stereo-typical

–          Good/informative insight into South African culture

–          Interesting mix of cultures: Zulus, Jews, Communists, Afrikaners and Africans

–          Character development was very well evolved

–          Book was hard to put down

–          Protagonist was very likeable, despite his many flaws

 –          Book had a twist. Culprit was hard to pick

One thought on “A beautiful place to die – discussion

  1. A Beautiful Place To Die, it’s an excellent read. South African authors always interest me. Let The Dead Lie is another great book by her.

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