Alan Walker Book Group – Minding Frankie

Parramatta Library’s Outreach Book Group at Alan Walker Village read Maeve Binchy’s, Minding Frankie here are their thoughts:


The group had a healthy and robust discussion, that indicated one an all enjoyed the book.

Over 40 characters in the book rather over faced some. It was said, “in reality five stories were incorporated”.

First time readers of Maeve Binchy were quite enthralled by her undoubted ability. Avid readers didn’t consider this her finest book. Everyone was sorry that her recent death means no further books.

Appreciation of the undoubted heroine Emily Lynch, who rallied everyone to vigorous work and enjoyment of life without apparently causing any ill feeling.

Dr Declan and Fiona were unanimously name best parents, while Maria Tierny was least loved. We felt sorry her ambition to ensure no child should be neglected as her childhood had been, was misunderstood.

Grandparents and other characters were discussed briefly especially Stella Dixon (Frankie’s mother) Father Flynn, Dr Hat and Mattie.

Suggested that the plot was unreal, for a whole community’s involvement in a child’s life. Not all agreed, and Frankie was under two at the conclusion of the book.

Noel as central character was considered young and naïve but we were glad he tore up proof he was not the father. Wondered why Stella choose him.

Book leads us to believe Noel and new girlfriend Faith would be Frankie’s parents.