Book Club Reviews

There is just no stopping our Dundas Readers Book Club, they really are reading machines!

Last month the Dundas Readers read one of our hugely popular kits ‘A Gentleman in Moscow‘. Which I admit I have been wanting to read for a year or more, ever since the ‘Happy Bookers’ club recommended it as one of their all-time favourites.

Hope you enjoy reading what the Dundas Readers thought of their latest read!

Happy Reading!


A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

A Gentleman in Moscow spans the years 1922-1954, a tumultuous time of Stalin’s dictatorship.

The story revolves around Count Alexander Rostov after he returns from Paris and during his house arrest in the Hotel Metropol this brings us behind the scenes to meet the workers and explore the building.

His observations and conversations with guests and staff give us an insight into how Stalin’s reign is altering the country, it’s people and in particular their lives. His nemesis is the Bishop who he loves to bait and outwit.

A Gentleman in Moscow is well written, it incorporates historical and literary references, life in the countryside and capital through the eyes of an aristocrat.

Food, alcohol and fun are a prominent part of the Count’s life under house arrest. This is a book that draws you in as an observer to the unconventional, interesting and evolving life of Count Alexander Rostov.

Dundas Readers rated ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ an impressive 9.5/10