Chasing Tomorrow

chasing tomorrowChasing Tomorrow

Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshawe

Sequel to ‘If tomorrow comes’.
Tracy Whitney never thought she wanted to settle down. With her suave and handsome partner, Jeff Stevens, she’d been responsible for some of the world’s most astounding heists, relishing the danger and intensity of life on the wild side. But there is still one thing missing from Tracy’s perfect life: a baby. At first “going straight” feels like a new adventure. But as the months pass and Tracy’s longed for pregnancy doesn’t happen, she finds herself yearning for the adrenaline rush of the old days. When a mysterious and beautiful stranger enters their lives, Tracy and Jeff’s once unbreakable partnership is suddenly blown wide open.

Sidney Sheldon’s ‘Chasing Tomorrow’ makes good reading for a person who is after ‘sitting on the edge of a cliff’ feeling. Just when you have thought that you have crossed an escarpment, there is already another one lined up. The cleverly crafted heists with generous dozes of suspense, revenge and breathtaking twists are a delight to read.

I would strongly recommend this book not only because it is gripping, but also because it is so full of passion that you fall in love with the characters in this book.

Read by – Anse