Read Watch Play – Ego Read October 2013

Ego Read

Biographies and memoirs strike at our humanity. Understanding the motivations of another person’s life, empathising with their situation no matter how different it is from your own can create some powerful emotions that stay with you for many years.

From sporting lives, the lives of refugees, the life on the land or the life spent exploring the world, there is so much to experience. From the lives of celebrities to the lives of reality show stars to the little told story of a family member, their story written and handed down only through their family #egoreads can inspire us and help us with out future directions.  You can add to the discussion on Pinterest too.

So indulge yourself in #egoread and join us on 29 October for a live twitter discussion starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time.   9.00pm New Zealand Summer  Time, 6.00pm Singapore Standard Time, 12.00 noon Central European Summer Time.  Note : this is a staggered start to the discussion.

Use the tags #egoread and #rwpchat as you discuss the reading, watching playing that is your experience of egoreads, so others can join in the conversation too.  You might like to use instagram to join the discussion – don’t forget the hashtags.