How now brown frau – a review

Title: How now brown frau

Author: Merridy Eastman

Sarah P’s pick

Merridy Eastman is an Australian actor and author. In this book she tells the story of moving toBavaria, 42 and pregnant and unable to speak German, to live with her new husband. She writes some very funny stories about her problems in settling in to a new country and how it contrasts with life inAustraliaand with her exuberant family.

Some of her challenges include learning a new language, meeting her in-laws and giving birth in a foreign country. She also learns to deal with the unspoken rules regarding behaviour in public. For example she is astonished that her husband feels he must be fully dressed to open the door to a delivery man early in the morning; or she is puzzled by the silence on public transport. But not everything is conservative- Eastman discovers that her husband and the others on his volleyball team (including a lady)- all shower together after the game- under the one showerhead. There are some funny stories of misunderstandings caused by language difficulties and run ins with cranky old ladies.

There are many positives in the story, such as the new friends she makes, the sense of history in the area and the fun of Oktoberfest.

Parramatta City library holds Eastman’s previous two books and I hope she continues the story in a future publication.