Top 10 Librarians Choice – August 2018

Another wonderful selection of newly published books for August, as chosen by Library staff around Australia. A mixture of fantasy, fiction, true crime, a memoir an more. Why not finish off Winter by reading one this month?

Jane Doe And The Cradle Of All Worlds – Jeremy Lachlan
Librarians’ Choice Favourite

The spooky atmosphere of Stranger Things meets Northern Lights in this dark and magical fantasy adventure. Fifteen years ago, Jane Doe and her father arrived on the steps of the Manor, the entrance to a dangerous labyrinth connecting the island of Bluehaven to many other worlds. That was the same night the earthquakes started.

Jane and her silent, troubled father John have been feared and despised ever since. When the strongest quake yet strikes and John disappears back into the Manor, Jane embarks on a perilous adventure to find her father and save her world from destruction.

Scrublands –  Chris Hammer
The Biographer’s Lover – Ruby J. Murray
A Superior Spectre – Angela Meyer
The Botanist’s Daughter – Kayte Nunn
Trace – Rachel Brown
The Ones You Trust – Caroline Overington
I Had Such Friends – Meg Gatland-Veness
Dressing The Dearloves – Kelly Doust
Always Another Country: A Memoir Of Exile And Home – Sisonke Msimang